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“Neff Irizarry has embarked down a path travelled by few guitarists in contemporary jazz and certainly contemporary Latin jazz! Not since the groups of Wille Bobo during the late ‘60s which featured guitarist Sonny Henry has a guitarist attempted to hold down the entire harmonic weight of such a group. To execute all the montunos, guajeos, necessary harmonizations, and to solo with clarity and fire is a tall order but Neff is certainly up to the task. His group is already on the threshold of doing some very interesting things in the genre, and the potential is endless. Neff’s group should open the minds and ears of many as to just what is possible in this format”.
                                                                      -Steve Khan, guitarist

‘When you see Neff, you can’t help but to notice his big smile and enthusiasm while he performs. His taste, chops,guitar sound and composer’s palette are eclectic. When you combine that with his blend of funk, latin and ambient modern jazz: Caramba!
 Modern Latin Jazz Guitar is here! 

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Neff  currently endorses Curt Mangan Strings and Vovox Cables!!

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I  speak Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and Portuguese .

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