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Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar


Guitar con Sabor

Since the age of five years old, I have had a continuous love affair with music. From autoharp to choir to clarinet to bassoon and even baritone saxophone, the introduction of the guitar into my life was the last arrow that stung my musical heart and still drives my passion to create music till this day. My musical foundation was built at Berklee during the late 90’s with some fantastic musicians and teachers. And, it was tested and blessed by the countless of world class musicians that I have had the honor to share the stage with. Performing is my passion, but composing and education have always been my life work away from the stage. I was featured in the “European Real Book” with my latin jazz composition “Despedidas” among some of the greatest European jazz composers for which I’m eternally grateful for. This book is one of the revered jazz bibles where everybody and anybody in the world can play your compositions from. Last but not least, my continuous work as a passionate educator has inspired many students and institutions in Europe: Suomi/Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Italy, Spain and in the US with my knowledge and knowhow.





Jazz Music and Education


Hire me as a Guitarist for your live projects and recording sessions. I have extensive experience in Jazz, Afro Cuban, Brazilian, Funk, Fusion, Pop/Rock and the Blues.



Private lessons

With 20+ years of teaching guitar and imparting the secret techniques taught to me by many jazz greats, I can guarantee you a unique and valuable lesson each and every time.




I was featured among Europe’s best Jazz composers in Chuck Sher’s  “European Real Book”- the musical bible for jazz musicians. My songs have also been featured in commercials for Realtors and interior designers in the Netherlands.



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