What I offer


Hire me as a Guitarist for your live projects and recording sessions. I have extensive experience in Jazz, Afro Cuban, Brazilian, Funk, Fusion, Pop/Rock and the Blues.


Private lessons

With 20+ years of teaching guitar and imparting the secret techniques taught to me by many jazz greats, I can guarantee you a unique and valuable lesson each and every time.



I was featured among Europe’s best Jazz composers in Chuck Sher’s  “European Real Book”- the musical bible for jazz musicians. My songs have also been featured in commercials for Realtors and interior designers in the Netherlands.

Consultant on curriculum and guitar pedagogy

My experiences as an educator and international clinician have given me an objective perspective to evaluate and review curriculum for jazz and rhythmic music.



Producer in Jazz, Funk and Latin styles

Studios can be an extremely demanding environment. But with a little help from me, we can get through it together.  I believe in bringing out the best and supporting my fellow musicians.

Let me bring my vast experience to your next recording session.

Music Reviews

Finding the right words to describe music can be daunting. But, with an objective and professional perspective, I strive to fairly portray all music in an optimistic manner.