Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar

The adaptation and development of the electric guitar's role in Latin jazz from its traditional beginnings in Latin music are truly undocumented or rarely mentioned. Valuable recordings that display how the guitar forged its voice in Latin jazz are scarce to come by. However, we wouldn't have had the possibility nor the conditions to create a space for modern guitarists if it wasn't for these earlier guitarists who paved the way.

To many, the achievements of Carlos Santana established the guitar's role in Latin Music. Carlos blended mainstream blues-rock, the over-driven guitar sounds with Latin rhythms. However, even though his achievements put the electric guitar on the Latin music map, other guitarists of equal importance helped lay the necessary groundwork to establish its role within the Latin jazz genre.


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Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar


My new book "Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar" provides you with the tools to begin to understand the evolution of the guitar and get definitive answers on how to incorporate the guitar into the contemporary Afro-Cuban variety of Latin jazz.

How can “I” as a Jazz guitarist add more Afro-Cuban “Sabor” to my playing?

How do I play a guajeo/montuno? How do I play a tumbao?

Who are the guitarists that defined the style?

What are the “go-to” recordings? How do I play with a pianist, tres, cuatro or requinto

How might I improvise stylistically correct in Latin Jazz?

With “Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar,” I have created a step-by-step approach based upon clear and realistic examples based on precedent that will help you understand and execute the role of the guitar in Latin jazz. This new method uses the guitar’s sonority, technical qualities, and similarities with well-known jazz guitar voicing techniques that will enable you to get straight to the point of making Latin Jazz music and keeping up with those pianists!

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Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar


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